FE-SDT environment controllable flexible electronic test system

FE-SDT environmental controllable flexible electronic testing system is suitable for flexible materials (graphene, conductive polymers, hydrogels, liquid metals, etc.), flexible devices (sensors, detectors, batteries, capacitors, electronic skin, OLED, etc.) under stretching, extrusion, bending and different environmental stimuli (gas, humidity, light, etc.) stress-strain and electrical properties The analysis of... The platform provides precise stretching and extrusion control, as well as simultaneous electrical performance analysis and mechanical monitoring. Static valve module is configured to support liquid evaporation valve or gas dilution valve; It can be connected with external humidity controllable gas-liquid distribution system, which can accurately control the atmosphere and humidity of the sealed chamber, and is used for the research of gas sensitivity and humidity sensitivity. Optional LED light source module or customized external light path for photosensitive, photoelectric, photosensitive gas sensitive and other characteristics research; CCD or camera can be selected to take photos and video, real-time record the shape of materials and devices.
Product features
01) The configuration of high-precision source meter, the use of integrated intelligent software analysis and control, can achieve electrical performance and deformation parameters, mechanical monitoring, environmental monitoring synchronous analysis
02) The software supports programs to set different stretching, extrusion and repetition times
03) Tensile module adjustment accuracy is high, support origin calibration, end limit, pressure synchronous sensing
04) The rotary table has high adjustment accuracy, supports synchronous sample Angle fine-tuning, supports the upper and lower position adjustment of the table, and supports the end limit
05) Real-time monitoring of ambient temperature and humidity, data synchronously uploaded to the analysis software
06) Support gas sensor measurement and calibration, configuration of air mixing chamber, static distribution of qi work energy, liquid evaporation temperature can be adjusted
07) Reserve the microscope/high-speed camera displacement bracket interface to support video recording or photography
08) Reserved light interface, support light test
Main parameter
1. Electrical analysis system
01) Dual-source table configuration, support 2-wire or 4-wire measurement, support transistor device analysis
02) Measurement mode: Support I-t, R-t, V-t, I-V, V-I and other analysis
03) Voltage adjustable, voltage output range: ±200 mV~±10 V
04) Current measurement range: 100 pA~200 mA
05) Resistance measurement range: 1 Ω~10 GΩ
06) Intelligent analysis software, to achieve electrical performance, tensile ratio, force size synchronous analysis
07) The program sets different stretching, bending states and repetition times, and records the temperature and humidity changes of the environment in real time
2, temperature control drawing table parameters
01) Tensile module: The horizontal displacement platform is configured, the maximum stretch stroke is 60 mm, the positioning accuracy is 10 μm, the repeated positioning accuracy is 5 μm, the origin calibration is supported, the micro-photoelectric sensor can be configured for automatic end limit, the maximum carrying capacity is 25 N.
02) Mechanical monitoring module: range 5 N, accuracy level G1, comprehensive error: ±0.15 %F.S
03) Temperature control range: room temperature ~300 oC, temperature control accuracy: 1 oC, can also be customized -150 oC~300 oC
04) The sealed upper cover is equipped with a 3 cm quartz viewing window
05) Reserve air inlet and outlet to support extended dynamic gas distribution
3. Monitoring module
01) Configure CCD or camera
02) Equipped with 10x objective lens, objective lens can be replaced
03) Later extensible DIC image analysis software to support stress and strain analysis
4, environmental monitoring air chamber
01) Real-time monitoring of ambient temperature and humidity, support synchronous transmission of temperature and humidity data
02) Equipped with liquid evaporation valve, temperature control range: room temperature ~250 oC.
5, LED light excitation module
01) Collimated LED light source, wavelength 365-370 nm, optional wavelength 440-450 nm, 520-530 nm, 660 nm, etc.; Other wavelengths can be customized
02) Configure LED driver to support a maximum drive current of 1200 mA (excluding power supply);
03) Adopt 15V, 2.4A power supply, support a single LED
04) Design supporting bracket
System photo