AES-4SD Flexible Device Analysis System

AES-4TH environment controlled probe test platform is especially suitable for application environment simulation test and comprehensive characteristic analysis of micron level materials or devices (sensors, detectors, transistors, etc.). Through integrated electrical detection, microprobe connection, environmental control, microscope observation design and overall shielding, shockproof and anti-interference processing, the platform can provide accurate electrical detection down to pA level, micrometer-level precision probe regulation, wide range of high stability of ambient humidity and hot station temperature control. The platform with a vacuum pump can support the research of device characteristics under vacuum conditions, the external light source or the built-in optical fiber can support the research of photoelectric, photoconductive, photosensitive gas sensitive and other characteristics of the device, and the humidity controllable gas-liquid distribution system can support the research of gas sensitive, humidity sensitive, humidity resistant and other characteristics of the device. In addition, the platform adopts multi-probe connection and bottom gate design, which can be used for comprehensive characteristic analysis of FET devices. The open interface reserved by the platform can be combined with an electrochemical workstation or impedance analyzer for multi-signal measurement.
Product features
01) Support sensor, transistor, detector, photoelectric, electrochemical and other tests
02) Temperature and humidity can be controlled at the same time to provide a stable test environment
03) Electrical tests can be analyzed simultaneously with environmental information (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.)
04) Multi-probe mode, bottom grid design for field effect testing
05) Support four probe test, special requirements can be customized
06) High shielding efficiency, electrical interface can be customized, can connect a variety of analysis systems and source tables
07) Equipped with high-power telephoto microscope, clear view of micron level materials and devices
08) Support fiber connection and test
09) Support gas, temperature and other sensors measurement and calibration
Main technical index
01) Comprehensive performance analysis platform, can be used for gas sensitive, humidity sensitive, photosensitive, photosensitive gas sensitive, FET, electrochemical and other multi-direction performance research, suitable for all kinds of sensitive materials, micro and nano devices, transistors, diodes, power semiconductors, LED performance analysis, especially suitable for MEMS devices, FET devices, sensor chips and other research
02) Quartz window diameter: 60 mm
03) Temperature control range: room temperature ~500℃, real-time output, 1℃ accuracy
04) Humidity control range: 2%~90% RH, ±0.8% RH accuracy (RT calibration), ±0.1%RH stability
05) Current measurement: 20 pA ~19.5 mA
06) Voltage range: ±200 mV~± 23.8V
07) Resistance measurement: 1Ω~50GΩ
08) Test mode: Id-Vd, Id-Vg, I-t, R-t, etc
09) Support two electrode, three electrode, four electrode device test
10) Features: Electrical characteristics are converted into sensor signals, gas/temperature sensor measurements and calibration
11) Probe adjustment: Moving distance (X axis) 25 mm (accuracy about 2 mm/360°), moving distance (Y axis) 10mm (accuracy about 0.5 mm/360°), moving distance (Z axis) 10mm (accuracy about 0.5 mm/360°)
12) Amplification effect: object distance >10 cm, resolution about 3 μm
13) Anti-vibration design: damping isolation platform, natural frequency 9~30 Hz
14) Grid (base) voltage implementation for FET and other tests
15) Limit vacuum degree of air chamber: 8×10-1 Pa
16) Configure static valve module to support liquid evaporation, liquid evaporation temperature: room temperature ~250oC
17) Extensible function 1: the application environment of the simulator can explore the interference of water molecules, and the low temperature table can be used to study the influence of freezing, drying, condensation and other conditions on the device
18) Scalable function 2: Connect the valve system to control the atmosphere and humidity
19) Extensible function 3: customized optical path outside the chamber, synchronous regulation of customized light source, or the introduction of optical path in the chamber, such as optical fiber
20) Overall dimensions of the main machine: 1000 mm × 1000 mm × 500 mm; Control measurement system size: 400mm*360mm*200mm
System photo