CGS-MT miro analysis system

The CGS-MT optoelectrical integrated test platform is suitable for in-situ testing and comprehensive characteristic analysis of millimeter-level materials or devices (sensors, detectors, transistors, etc.). Through integrated electrical, probe, microcavity and static valve design, the platform can provide accurate electrical detection, flexible probe connection, accurate temperature regulation and convenient atmosphere control. Integrated dual-source table test system, support two-wire or four-wire test, support dual-channel test; The platform contains an in situ high temperature platform that can be used in combination with Raman spectrometer or microscope to perform spectral or microscopic in situ analysis while conducting electrical testing. The micro-chamber structure of the platform is especially suitable for connecting the humidity controllable gas-liquid distribution system, which can realize the rapid replacement and balance of the atmosphere concentration and humidity in the chamber, and can be used for the online detection of gas and humidity sensitivity. Platform support with LED light source or external light path, photosensitive, photoelectric, photosensitive gas sensitive and other related research; The platform supports the connection of vacuum pumps for performance testing under vacuum or different air pressures.
Product features
01) Customized sensor connection mode and number
02) Micro air chamber is conducive to accurate measurement of response recovery speed
03) Configure dual source table system to support dual channel test
04) Easy to observe the sample observation window, the material can be selected to support the combination with the spectrometer or microscope
05) Test system can set temperature, humidity and other parameters, can record environmental information (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc., can be customized)
06) Support gas sensor measurement and calibration, temperature sensor measurement and calibration
07) Platform temperature control, sensitive materials or components do not need to make heating electrodes
08) High shielding performance, can be connected to a variety of analysis systems and source tables, support sensors, transistors, detectors and other tests
Main technical index
1. Electrical analysis system
01) Dual-source table configuration, support dual-channel test, four-wire or two-wire measurement
02) Current range: 100 pA~200 mA; Resistance measurement range: 1Ω~10GΩ; Voltage range: ±200 mV~±10 V
03) Electrical characteristics converted to sensor signals, gas sensor measurement and calibration, temperature sensor measurement and calibration
04) Test mode: I-t, R-t, V-t, I-V, V-I, etc
05) SMA interface, SMA to BNC test line, temperature control at the same time can be electrical signal test
06) Trial scope: material research, semiconductor device analysis (sensors, transistors, diodes, power semiconductors, leds, etc.), electronic circuit measurement and other applications
2. Main parameters of the in-situ pool
01) Can be used to connect electrical measurement equipment and Raman spectroscopy or microscope equipment for in-situ synchronous measurement of electrical signals and spectral representations
02) Temperature control range: room temperature ~500℃, water-cooled quick connector, upper and lower water cooling
03) Two reaction gas interfaces and one vacuum interface can be connected with the gas distribution system and vacuum pump through the sleeve and quick insert
04) Probe holder and fixture: 4 sets
05) BNC connectors: 4; Supports dual-channel testing
06) Chamber volume: about 100mL
07) Quartz window, diameter about 30mm
08) Chamber volume: about 150mm*150mm*40mm
3, static valve module
01) The volume is about 1L, and it is used with small cavity to support static gas distribution
02) Liquid evaporator, temperature: room temperature ~250oC
03) Built-in fan
4, LED light excitation module
01) Collimated LED light source, wavelength 365-370nm, optional wavelength 440-450nm, 520-530nm, 660nm, etc. Other wavelengths can be customized
02) Configure the LED driver to support the maximum drive current 1200mA
03) Design the support used in conjunction with the photoelectric and electrical comprehensive test platform
5, extensible function
01) and spectrometers (such as infrared, Raman, ultraviolet), combining spectral analysis with electrical testing
02) Combined with microscopy, combining microscopy and electrical testing
03) Cavity outdoor customized light path, customized synchronous control of light source
04) Combined with vacuum pump, low pressure test
05) Combined with humidity control valve system for chamber atmosphere and humidity control; Optional environmental monitoring chamber to support real-time environmental temperature and humidity monitoring
System photo