DGL-III Humidity-Controlled Liquid Distribution System

The DGL-III humidity control gas-liquid distribution system is suitable for the dynamic distribution of all kinds of gas sources (such as NOx, H2S, CO, etc.) or liquid sources (such as alcohols, benzene, organic amines, ethers, ketones and other volatile liquids) that are directly used. The system can be equipped with a humidity control module, which can be used for humidity control alone, and can be used to configure various gases with different humidity. The system is composed of micro liquid evaporator, digital mass flowmeter, air mixing chamber, anti-corrosion gas path and software. Adopt automatic control, intelligent software management, support the concentration and flow of two modes of work, support the program to set the concentration of circulation valve, humidity, flow and time. Intelligent gas distribution software supports gas and liquid type setting, automatic distribution of gas flow, pipeline insulation temperature setting, liquid evaporation temperature setting, MFC zero calibration, flowmeter real-time flow monitoring, etc.
Product features
01) Controllable atmosphere humidity
02) Liquid dynamic distribution, gas dynamic distribution dual use, atmosphere humidity controllable
03) Automatic gas distribution process, program set gas distribution process
04) All-metal seal, with strong anti-corrosion and anti-swelling, can be used for a variety of highly corrosive gases (such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia) and VOC (chloroform, organic amines) gas distribution
05) The gas path and indicators can be customized, and the atmosphere switching chamber can be selected to achieve instantaneous switching of low concentration atmosphere
06) Detachable dryer with replaceable adsorbent for ultra-low humidity (ppm water) or for adsorption of specific gases
07) Extensible function: can be directly combined with the atmosphere purge system, ms level response recovery measurement
Main technical index
01) The gas path includes 1 background gas, 2 target gas and 1 target liquid; 2 way wet gas Gas (dry gas and wet gas)
Background gas path: full scale 1 slm, control range 2%~100% (20 sccm~1000 sccm);
Target gas path 1: full scale 100 sccm, control range 2%~100% (2~100 sccm);
Target gas path 2: full scale 5 sccm, control range 2%~100% (0.1~5 sccm);
Target gas path 3: liquid gas path, 1.26pL /min, liquid evaporation temperature control range: room temperature ~250℃;
Wet gas path 1: full scale 1 slm, control range 2%~100% (20 sccm~1000 sccm);
Wet gas path 2: full scale 1 slm, control range 2%~100% (20 sccm~1000 sccm).
02) Automatic gas distribution, can be programmed to set the gas distribution process, support two control modes
Concentration mode: program to set the gas distribution process, such as set the gas source or liquid source information, gas flow rate, concentration, time, circulation and other information, the system can automatically distribute gas
Flow mode: set the flow of each gas path separately for gas distribution
03) Corrosion resistance: resistance to all kinds of highly corrosive gases (such as hydrogen sulfide) and all kinds of volatile liquids (such as formaldehyde solution)
04) Dilution ratio: maximum dilution ratio of gas 10,000:1 (nitrogen), liquid can be diluted up to 10 ppb (ethanol)
05) Humidity control: range 2%RH~90%RH, extensible humidity range 0.5%RH~95%RH; Accuracy ±0.8%RH, stability ±0.1%RH (RT calibration)
06) Equipped with portable gas sensor analysis module, Bluetooth transmission, Android mobile APP real-time detection and analysis data (resistance and concentration can be output), support sensor measurement and calibration, provide standard sensor interface and micro sensor measurement chamber: volume <60mL, dynamic atmosphere switch fast
07) Gas path specifications: the interior are all connected with 1/4 specification 316L stainless steel pipes
08) Calibration: N2 calibration
09) Communication interface: USB
System photo